Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dose of reality for the day.

I don't care what Stacey and Clinton say, it isn't the shirt/pants/skirt/dress/ that makes one look fat.

My friends, it is one's fat that makes one look fat.  I'm off to the gym now!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Blackberry Messenger!

A year or so ago, someone sent me a bootleg link to update my Blackberry Messenger to BBM 5, the spiffy newer version of BBM.  Like a naive fool I took the bait, because who doesn't want to be one of the first to get something new?

Of course, after I tried installing it, it wiped my BBM icon right off my phone, and I couldn't reinstall the program.

Now, all you Blackberry owners are thinking to yourself, "Hey, genius, why don't you just reset your phone with the back-up software it came with?"  Well, yes, that's what I should have done right away, but it took me a year.  One, I'm SUCH a lazy ass.  Two, the house computer is also a lazy ass, and I was hesitant to install the software because it would take so long.  I also didn't want to install it on either my brother or sister's laptops, because frankly, it's not their problem (I really need to get my own).

I didn't really care though, because I wasn't really using my BBM all that much. Still, seeing how everyone I know was slowly catching the Blackberry bug, I figured it would really be easier and cheaper to keep in touch with them through BBM, so I bit the bullet and installed the software on the house desktop.

It took 5 hours to install and fix my phone.

Anyhow, after a year, I've got my BBM back, so I'm happy.  I'm also wondering why it took me so long.

PS:  My PIN is 3026938E ...add me!