Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Ten Commandments of a Real Worker

I have always seen this sign hanging in my aunt's house, so I finally decided to take a picture of it, and I will try my best to translate it for you.  It's basically ten rules or commandments for the procrastinator.

1.  One is born tired and lives to rest.
2. Love your bed like you love yourself.
3. Rest up during the day to prepare for sleep at night.
4.  If you see someone resting, help him.
5. Work is effort. (Not 100% sure about this one)
6. Don't do today what you can leave for tomorrow.
7. Do as little as you can and delegate what you have to do to others.
8. Too much rest never hurt anyone.
9.  If you feel the urge to work, sit down and wait until it passes.
10. If work is acknowledged, so is misfortune (not 100% sure of this either) 

Wow, those Italians really love their jobs, huh?

A few pictures from my cousin's wedding.

My cousin got married on Sunday, and although I am very disappointed in how few pictures I managed to take (I was busy being IN them!), I will share some of them.  I will try and post some official pictures (and maybe some stolen ones from other people) if I can get my hands on them. 

Here are the bridesmaid and flower girl bouquets.  They were white roses and some other flowers I'm sorry to say I can't identify.  The flower girl had daisies instead of roses, and the bride's bouquet had orchids mixed in with the other flowers.

Here is the bride after (or while?) her corset was being done up.

My sister, mother and I.

Here's a sign we saw on the way to the banquet hall.  Hope it's not going to be needed!  Still, it's a good deal!

A shot from the park after the ceremony.  This wasn't even posed.  The photographer just finished taking a picture of the guys, and then told the ring bearer to do something, and I managed to catch all the guys looking at him.  Couldn't have been luckier!

Here's the cake.  Very cute!

My godson and I dancing.

The young ones were pretty wiped out and they had a "crib" made for them out of chairs.  I wished I could do this too, believe me.  There was a point I couldn't dance anymore, and I usually can go the whole night.  Of course I usually get more sleep the night before a wedding.

All in all it was a very enjoyable day, and I wish the bride and groom well with all my heart.  Hopefully I can get some better pictures up soon.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AYBS Flikr Update

As promised, I said I'd post pictures of my revamped Grand Emporium/Grace Brothers when it was done, so here's the link to my photostream:

My "AYBS Lego"

Friday, May 14, 2010

Funny Sign Time!

There's a tree farm near where I live, and I pass by it on the way to and from work.  Recently I noticed they put out some signs advertising that they're open.

This is what it looks like:

Any guesses at what they're really selling??

I submitted it to the blog of "unnecessary" quotation marks.   Let's see what happens!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tears for Fears!

Tears for Fears is coming to our casino circuit this summer.  I'm a little sad that it's the casino and not some downtown venue like Lee's Palace or Massey Hall, but hey, if it worked for the Stone Temple Pilots (and they think they'll get that many people showing up) then it works for me.

I'm so excited.  I think my favourite song of theirs is "Head Over Heels".  It was a cute video too.  I'm glad they're still performing together, because wasn't there only one of them still under that band name after a while?

And then there were three. :0(

Today we "lost" another lady from our department.  Well, apparently we lost four people today in total, but I don't know who the other three are.  I say "lost" in quotation marks because really she has another two weeks to go, but they told her about it today.  How crap must she feel to have to stick around and be pitied and patronized for another two weeks?  If it were me, I'd want the eff out of there pronto. 

And really, how much work is she going to feel like doing?  She already went home early because her heart wasn't in it.  I don't blame her.  She's been here 30+ years, and is probably one of the hardest-working people I know, but the way this place is going, that doesn't matter much.  It's all about saving money, just like everywhere else.

I don't think I feel all that bad for her though.  As bad as that sounds, hear me out.  It's a tough job she had.  I don't think she got much rest, and there were quite a few days where she would go without lunch.  She had to do a lot of work helping out the lady I used to be the assistant for before we had our big Division Shuffle a couple of years ago, and that wasn't her job.  On top of that she had to start tracking for the other half of her division that she never had to deal with before.  She had a long commute, got here early and left late a lot.  I really think she deserves this rest.  It's like that with everyone else who leaves this place.  When they come back for a visit, they're practically glowing.  I hope it's the same for her.

I wish her luck, and pray that they lay off the laying off for a while.