Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A few pictures from my cousin's wedding.

My cousin got married on Sunday, and although I am very disappointed in how few pictures I managed to take (I was busy being IN them!), I will share some of them.  I will try and post some official pictures (and maybe some stolen ones from other people) if I can get my hands on them. 

Here are the bridesmaid and flower girl bouquets.  They were white roses and some other flowers I'm sorry to say I can't identify.  The flower girl had daisies instead of roses, and the bride's bouquet had orchids mixed in with the other flowers.

Here is the bride after (or while?) her corset was being done up.

My sister, mother and I.

Here's a sign we saw on the way to the banquet hall.  Hope it's not going to be needed!  Still, it's a good deal!

A shot from the park after the ceremony.  This wasn't even posed.  The photographer just finished taking a picture of the guys, and then told the ring bearer to do something, and I managed to catch all the guys looking at him.  Couldn't have been luckier!

Here's the cake.  Very cute!

My godson and I dancing.

The young ones were pretty wiped out and they had a "crib" made for them out of chairs.  I wished I could do this too, believe me.  There was a point I couldn't dance anymore, and I usually can go the whole night.  Of course I usually get more sleep the night before a wedding.

All in all it was a very enjoyable day, and I wish the bride and groom well with all my heart.  Hopefully I can get some better pictures up soon.


Dr. Monkey Hussein Monkerstein said...

You look very hubba hubba in that dress. ;o)

Cat said...

Haha, thanks.