Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Ten Commandments of a Real Worker

I have always seen this sign hanging in my aunt's house, so I finally decided to take a picture of it, and I will try my best to translate it for you.  It's basically ten rules or commandments for the procrastinator.

1.  One is born tired and lives to rest.
2. Love your bed like you love yourself.
3. Rest up during the day to prepare for sleep at night.
4.  If you see someone resting, help him.
5. Work is effort. (Not 100% sure about this one)
6. Don't do today what you can leave for tomorrow.
7. Do as little as you can and delegate what you have to do to others.
8. Too much rest never hurt anyone.
9.  If you feel the urge to work, sit down and wait until it passes.
10. If work is acknowledged, so is misfortune (not 100% sure of this either) 

Wow, those Italians really love their jobs, huh?


Bossy Betty said...

Love this list! I especially like #4. I intend to follow this list today. I'll let you know how it went--sometime later.

Cat said...

Once you're done resting up!