Friday, January 23, 2009

Sushi Again?!?!?!

I had Japanese for lunch again. This time a group of us went out to a restaurant near the office.

I've been to this restaurant once before, on my birthday since it was free, and we gave it a lukewarm review. I wasn't sure I wanted to go back today, but hey, everyone should get a second chance, right?

Well, the food was good, but service was pretty bad. One of us asked for tea pretty much as soon as we sat down, and he never got it, even after an hour and a half of asking. They didn't bring our Teriyaki chicken either, and almost didn't bring the maki.

Everyone should get a second chance, but 3 is pushing it. Don't go to the Asian Kitchen Cuisine on Steeles Ave. in Markham for lunch if you're in a hurry.

Oh, and don't go there for dinner if you're NOT in a hurry...apparently they try to kick you out after an hour and a half.

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