Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Such a cheap slob!

I have a candy dish on my desk, and everyone is free to partake.

However, one of our agents that comes in once in a while makes a meal out of them. The worst part is that he always leaves the wrappers all over the place, like it's his right. I know my desk is a mess, but it's work, not garbage. I've called him on it before too, but nothing sinks in with this man. It's like that with his work too. Big promises, no results, and no matter how many meetings you can have with him, he never changes.

He's also pretty cheap. You're supposed to order supplies through our warehouse, but he comes in and raids the small stock of stuff we keep in our area for our use. Then, when we need it, it's gone.

I don't care what kind of gross crap you do at your house, but my desk, and our office floors are NOT your rubbish depositories. And do your work properly. GOD!

ARGHH I'm so mad.

10, 9, 8, .....

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