Friday, April 3, 2009

The Chase

A long time ago I found some of my mom's old cassette tapes that she made off of her vinyls. There was one song that I really took a liking to, but it was an instrumental, and the tape wasn't labeled.

For years and years (and I'm talking close to 15 here) I could not identify this song. I couldn't Google it because there were no lyrics. I did hear a snippet of it once as an intro to a radio show (UPDATE: that radio program is "Coast to Coast AM. Thanks, Wikipedia), but research on that lead proved useless. My mother didn't even remember what it was called. I thought this song was lost in oblivion.

Then, miracle of miracles, I saw that I could download Shazam onto my BB. This application let's you identify a song by holding your phone up to it. What do you think the first thing I thought of was?

I'll admit I wasn't even sure it would find the song, but it did! And now I can walk into Sonic Boom with a purpose. It is called "The Chase" by Giorgio Moroder. What a fitting name, since I've been chasing it all this time.

My life is a little more complete now.

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mollyconlin said...

So many times this has happened to me! I'll hear a song and not have a clue what it is or who it's by. Bugs me until I finally figure it out! The lastest one was by "The Watchmen" and of course, it's a Canadian band that is only played on Canadian radio stations and no one else really knows anything about them. So it took a while to figure out this stupid song. But, anyways, I finally figured it out by comparing the voice of the guy (who I thought sounded like Matthew Good) with another song I knew by "The Watchmen" and luckily I figured it out. However, if it was an instrumental song, I'd have been screwed!

Good to know there are programs like Shazam that can put an end to this crazy madness! haha.

P.S. I really like your blog :)