Monday, August 3, 2009

My new life's mission.

You know how sometimes when you go back and watch some old cartoons from your youth and realize how incredibly cheesy and total crap they were, and wonder to yourself (and everyone else that used to watch it) what you ever saw in it?

Not the case with me and The Real Ghostbusters. Recently the movies were on back-to-back on tv, which I watched, of course, and that got me to looking up the cartoon on YouTube. I found someone who put up a bunch of episodes, and watching them again, I know exactly what I saw in them when I was a kid. Of course it was a little cheesy, but I appreciate some of the jokes more now, and I find that my silly little cartoon-crush on Egon Spengler is still there (I know. Don't say anything. I find a man, real or not, who can throw around big words quite attractive.).

Also, I always wondered what was up with it being called "The REAL Ghostbusters", until I saw, also on YouTube, that there was a knock-off that had nothing to do with the movies at all. WTF was with that gorilla??? I don't always agree with Slimer, but at least he's relevant.

Anyhow, I noticed on someone's comments on one of the episodes that Season 1 is out on DVD somewhere, so I am now making it my life's mission to locate and purchase it. Wish me luck.

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