Monday, October 19, 2009

We found our dress!

Yesterday we did a little bridesmaid dress shopping in Toronto, and the Wedding Gods smiled down upon us, because we found our dress in the first store we went into. 

This is just the sample they had on the rack, as the bride's colour is a deep purple.  Annnnnd it has pockets!  The night before we were researching which stores to visit on the net, and we saw a few dresses with pockets, and we were surprised they even did that on an evening gown.  Why not wear a fanny pack too?  But when we tried it on, you really couldn't tell the pockets were there, and in the end, I'm sure they'll be useful, if not for carrying tissues, then for carrying some flip-flops when our feet eventually get sore.

Here is the maid of honour modelling the dress:

1 comment:

Penny said...

Such a cute dress!
Love the pockets!