Monday, April 5, 2010

Look What I Bought

Much to the chagrin of my mother, who saw the box by the door when we came home from work, my latest LEGO Shop purchase arrived Thursday afternoon.

I know I was saying that I wanted to make a set for my AYBS minifigs, but when I saw that this puppy was out, I HAD to get it instead.

I started working on it at 8:00 pm, and didn't finish until about 3:45 am (Oh yeah, I'm hardcore.  Once I start, I can't stop until the build is done).

The bottom floor is the clothing department, and it has a perfume counter, a change room, a cash register, and some mannequins in the window.  There are two escalators, one leading to the second floor (Housewares, with goblets and plates) and the other to the third (the Toy Department, with a scooter and a toy house). 

I'm thinking of leaving the ground floor as-is, but maybe adding some more clothing.  The second floor I have already turned into the staff "canteen", since I had already started getting the parts together for that.  I want to turn the third floor into Mr. Rumbold's and Mr. Grace's office, but since I don't have the desks yet, it's still a combination of Toys and Housewares.  I DID, however, make a Mr. Grace minifig, and one of Mr. Rumbold's later secretaries, Miss Belfridge. 

I'll post pictures on my Flikr when I'm done, but it may be a while, because there will be a lot of more important things I will need my money for coming up.  

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Mel said...

OMG this is so cool! The fact that a) you like to build Legos and b) it's modeled after Grace Brothers makes this super awesome! Haha I love Mrs. Slocombe and Mr. Humphries!