Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I like a little chaos mixed in with my order.

Today at 1:41 pm there was a 5.0 magnitude earthquake, with the epicenter at 49 km north of Cumberland, ON, at about 19 km below the earth's surface.

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My mom and I were on lunch, getting into the car after shopping, and felt the car rock.  It is a little windy today since we're anticipating a thunderstorm, so I thought it was the wind, but as a joke I wondered at it being an earthquake.  We turned on the news and just as we did they were reporting that they just got word of people feeling the ground shake.  We booked it back to work to make sure everything was okay there, and they must have evacuated the building, but we were allowed back in not to long after.

I've never felt an eathquake like that before since they don't really happen in this area, but apparently it stretched as far as Montreal and New York!  There wasn't any damage as far as I know, and no one was hurt, so thank goodness for that.  I really can't complain about a sissy earthquake like this when other, much more horrible ones have happened, but it gives us something to talk about for a while, I guess.

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