Friday, July 9, 2010

I've hit a brand new low.

I signed up on Plenty Of Fish the other day.  Not for anything serious, just to see what it's about, but the fact that I did it still makes me wonder if I have a split personality, and the other person in my head is on some kind of behaviour-altering substance.

I will probably delete or clean out my account pretty soon though.  I've always been an advocate of actually talking to a many "persons")  instead of online for that sort of thing anyway.

UPDATE:  I deleted the account.  What a waste of time I will never get back.

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mollyconlin said...

My best friend actually met his girlfriend on PoF last year. They're getting married in May :)

I also found that PoF was great for a laugh if anything! There are a lot of crazy people on there. But there are a lot of decent people on there too!