Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Insulin Pump

I had an appointment with my endocrinologist this morning. Everything checked out alright. My A1c (a blood test that gives an average of what my blood sugar level has been over the past three months) was a tad high at 8.2 mmol/L, but that includes my Christmas indiscretions, and probably that huge bag of Costco trail mix that I polished off in less than a week.

The nurse ragged on me to get back to the gym (which I haven't been to in over a year, yet am still paying for), and then she and the doctor ganged up on me for their constant mantra, "So, are you getting a pump?"

I take 4 needles a day, before meals and before bed. In and out, and it's done. A pump is stuck in your stomach or wherever else you want to put it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Of course, it can come off when I shower or when I'm swimming, and it is awfully convenient at meal time so I'm not last at the table because I'm taking a shot.

I think I'm just scared of it. I'm scared of putting on more weight with it, because with the needles, if I feel like a snack, I'd have to take another shot (not like I do, though). But with a pump, if I feel like a snack, I can just give myself more insulin. More food+more insulin=more fat.

Everyone I know that has one swears by it, though. And since the Feds finally decided they'd cover the cost of the pump, the tubing, and other stuff that goes with it (some models can run you 6 or 7 thousand dollars, plus another 3 thousand a year for the other stuff!) , they're a lot easier to get. I told the doctor I'd go to the pump information night that my clinic holds and go from there.

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