Saturday, January 17, 2009


Had to get my semi-annual A1c and some other blood work done this morning. At the crack of dawn, too. Okay, 8:00 isn't exactly the crack of dawn, but it was early for me since I rarely get up before noon on weekends. The clinic closes at noon on Saturdays though, so I had to get up.

Believe me, I'd love nothing more than to get this out of the way after work during the week, but most of the tests that I have to get done require me to have fasted for 8 hours or so, and that's not likely to have happened during the week.

I hate going, too. I am not a huge fan of needles. That is really strange for ME to say, since I have type 1 diabetes and give myself four needles a day, but it's not the same. I can control where I'm putting it, and my needles are a lot smaller. I'll give myself some credit though. I used to be a lot more of a chicken about it before. I used to get the sweats, and have nightmares about it, sad as that is. Now I see it as more of a chore, but I still never look when the woman comes at me with the needle. I'm just glad it only happens every six months.

Nothing beats when they put my blood on a tap when I was in the hospital getting diagnosed. They came at me every two seconds taking more blood, until they realized they were going to have to put a tap in my artery. For reals. It's like a vampire's dream come true! Looking back, I can remember feeling an apathy about getting it put in. What's another needle after the thousands I was getting jabbed with? I still cringe about it's removal though because I was still bleeding after they took it out...

Okay, I'm going to make myself sick. I like to think I have a strong stomach, but it doesn't always back that claim up.

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