Monday, January 19, 2009


I got my hair did yesterday. Nothing exciting. It looks like every other haircut I've had for the past few years, but that's no fault of my own. I go in there telling them I want something different, and it always looks the same. Next time I have to take a picture of my hair and tell them, "Hey, if it still looks like this when you're done, I'm not paying you!"

I went to a nicer salon this time, where everyone supposedly knows what they're doing. It WAS a nice place, and my stylist was doing funky things with her scissors that the average First Choice stylist probably didn't learn, so why does it look the same? It has these weird layers, and I can't do anything to control them! I think I'm going to get more length off next time. I'm just glad I can put it in a ponytail if I still need to.

Speaking of ponytails, I'm not wearing one to work today. I ALWAYS wear my hair in a ponytail to work, for the past 3 years or more! So today, everyone is commenting on how pretty my mop is. "It's so curly," "It's so pretty," blah blah blah. I' m not one for liking attention so I wish they'd all let it go without saying anything.

But, my not liking attention is a totally different story.

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