Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Working With Mom

So I work with my mom. That's great! We drive in together, we take lunches together, and we can talk about our days and know exactly what the other is on about. And considering the quality of most of our co-workers' personalities, it's a good thing we have eachother.

The only thing I don't like is that I have to follow her schedule. She works 8:30 to 5:00, which means we have to get there before 8:30, and have to leave after 5:00. I don't mind being in before 8:30, but that means we should also get to leave at 4:30, but she is the receptionist, and the phones don't close until 5:00. It makes for a long day, because the commute takes almost an hour each way too. That leaves practically no time in the rest of my day for relaxing because I have to worry about going to bed so I can get up early to do it all over again. This is fodder for another story, though.

Another con is the fact that when she's late, she complains. Nothing new there; we all complain when we're unhappy. I do it too. But, I don't like to hear it from other people. That probably stems from some deep-seeded need to help everyone, and since I probably can't help with whatever they're complaining about, I get upset and don't want to hear it.

A big pro, however, is the alternate route we take when our main route is backed-up. It's a twisty country road, and most of the farm houses along the way are old and beautiful. I'll try to take a video of some of them, and the twisty road, with my BB and post it here if we take it again soon.

Anyway, back to work, until I find something else to gripe about.

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