Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sad, Sorry Excuse for an Adult

I like to sing in the shower. Who doesn't? It's the only place where most of us have a chance of sounding like we can win (insert country/province/workplace name here) Idol.

Here's where I start drifting into Weird-Town. I pretend like I have a back-up band playing for me. Even worse, I give them all names. Even WORSE, I've made them into Lego(TM) mini-figs, and made instruments for them. The WORST is that I am putting up a picture of them!
This is a picture of the bar I built for them. You can't see the actual bar, or the tables around the stage, but it looks pretty funky. And I'm 26 years old. When will I ever grow up?
P.S. Thanks to Christopher Doyle from Reasonably Clever for the mini-figs. His Buy-ME-mizer is great!


Franky Dubbles said...

I would soooooooooooooo do the lead singer. Her long white sleeves turn me onnnnnnnn..

What are your band member's names?

Cat said...

Bahahaha...yeah she's a hawt little LEGO chick.

But I'm not telling you their names. I'm embarassed enough knowing someone is actually reading my blog.

Franky Dubbles said...

Look at my blog, let the content soak in, and then you won't feel so embarrassed about having a blog.