Friday, February 27, 2009


I left my BB's web browser on last night. And it's happened before. I'm just glad I have an unlimited data plan or I'd be bankrupt right about now.

I also have been meaning to buy a new MS Zune, because the last one I bought (from Walmart, so maybe that explains it) was a piece of crap from the start, and like a woman who marries a bad man, I didn't give it back because I hoped it would change. I'm hoping if I go to Best Buy or Futureshop instead, theirs might be in better shape.

I want to do this soon, because I desperately want to go back to the gym, and since I go alone, I really need an mp3 player for entertainment. The treadmills with the TVs on them are only good if there's quality programming, and there's a dearth of that lately.

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