Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just when we thought we were safe!

It looks like Maple Leaf Foods is in trouble again. They make deli meats, hot-dogs and the like.

In August last year (wow, didn't seem like that long ago!) they had a massive recall of 191 of their products because there was listeria bacteria contamination on the machines in their production plant. 47 people caught listeriosis, and 20 of them died from it.

The CEO did the right thing about it too. He accepted full responsibility, and put out commercials and full-page ads in papers apologizing for it. There was a grudging respect for him. They cleaned up the plant and were putting out food again, and all seemed well.

Wouldn't you know, I took a gander at my favourite news website and I saw that Maple Leaf is recalling their hot-dogs again! For the same reason!

Okay, it is voluntary. Apparently there are 6 types of listeria, and only 1 is dangerous to people. They didn't find that type, but they did find one, so they're recalling to be safe.

All I'm saying is that since it was so soon after the last one, they may not be able to get out of this so easy this time. I know I'm not buying their hot-dogs now. Not that I buy them much anyway.

I'm going to keep an eye on their stock.

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