Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What a s**t day.

Today we found out that 5 out of our 8 Marketing Department staff are getting let go, and 6 out of 14 Regional Sales Assistants too.

The Marketing Department wasn't a surprise since they laid off the one at Head Office in Chicago, and much of the work will be outsourced so there's no extra burden on who's left.

The R.S.A. Announcement was surprising though. Without elaborating, it's a busy, stressful job, and with 6 of them going, the rest are going to have to take the extra load, since they can't outsource it. I can't even begin to imagine how they'll handle it.
I used to be an R.S.A. before they have me other administration duties, and even though I'm not keen on the job I have now, I don't miss that one.

Top this crap news off with being tired, having a sore throat, and copying 7 different expense reports (which is one of my more hated tasks) for someone who hasn't submitted them for the past months, it made for a really s**t day. Oh, and I'd like to add that there is almost no one more useless than a Sales Executive.


Christopher Doyle said...

Yikes. Those are some scary reductions - I hope your job stays safe for as long as you need it to...

Cat said...

We'll see...there are quite a few people with the same position that I have too, but I'm the only one in my division. Quebec has 3 or 4, and so does Ontario. (I work for the 4 western provinces even though I work at the head office in Ontario). They may cut down on this position some day too.