Friday, May 15, 2009

May 2-4

YAY, it's the May 2-4 weekend! Okay, technically it's called Victoria Day, where we honour Queen Victoria's birthday, but it is either the 24th, or the Monday before it, if the 24th isn't a Monday.

Of course, everyone just calls the May 2-4, since it's the first of the summer long-weekend series, and everyone goes to open their cottages, sit around together, and drink, you guessed it a 2-4 of beer or two.

As per usual, I get to leave work early today, but I'll probably end up doing housework for today. I just really hope I can get some fresh air this weekend, and maybe some sun. I don't have a cottage but I can take time to sit in the backyard or something. I also vow to get a tan this summer, somehow. I'm pretty pale, and burn easily, but I've always received compliments when I get a little colour in my cheeks.

Hope all you Canadians out there have a great long weekend!

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mollyconlin said...

Gotta love the long weekend! Unfortunately, the weather's not supposed to be all that great, but I'm still happy to have an extra day off work!

Hope you have a great long weekend too!