Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jack & Jill/Bridal Shower Games

This is a long shot, since only a few people read this blog, but I'm looking for some interesting games for a Jack & Jill and/or a bridal shower. My cousin seems to be planning her J&J already, even though her wedding is still a year away, and as the bridal party is responsible for this stuff, we must brainstorm for game ideas.

Of course I've been to enough bridal showers to know a few of the likely games everyone plays, but I'm just looking to see if anyone has any different ideas, to supplement my own search.

The girls are also going to go out this weekend for some wedding/bridesmaid dress shopping, finally! I think that's one of the more fun parts of the whole wedding thing! Unless you're me who has a crappy time finding a dress any time. Still, (because I will have some SPANX in tow) it will be a fun day, and I can't wait.


mollyconlin said...

Well, you can have a themed Jack and Jill, and then all the games can derive from that (i.e. Casino night, and all the games can be things you'd find in a casino - blackjack, roulette wheel, poker, etc). Or other possible themes: 1920's speak easy, Hawaiin Luau, Mardi Gras....there's tons! OR it can be themeless!

50/50 Draws are good! Or raffling off prizes people donate.

A few games we've played at Jack and Jills (keep in mind that I come from a very small town and we're pretty much rednecks, haha):

- put a large bottle of alcohol in the middle of the floor. People toss toonies at it from a distance. The closest one wins! (and of course, the toonies go to the couple!)
- relay races are always fun - people can donate money to enter and you can have prizes for the winners.
- have a deck of cards and tape them face down on a board. People pay a certain amount of money and write their name on the back of a card (i.e. $3 gets you one card, $5 gets you two). Whoever has their name on the Queen of Hearts (or whatever card you choose) wins a prize or half of what you made, or whatever you choose.

There's lots more ideas too! Can you tell I've planned a few Jack and Jills? haha.

Ailurophile said...

Don't know much about games etc for bridal showers, but wish your cousin all the best for her wedding.

June-Bug is so floofy and cute. Adorable :)