Monday, June 8, 2009

Project in Plastic

I've got an expensive habit, and it's bound to get worse. I've become addicted to LEGO.

My sorry collection is limited to some of the new Pirate sets, a couple of Creator houses, and a few other odd sets, but I bought one of those big 48x48 stud gray plates with the intention of building something from scratch. Actually, I lie. I've built something from scratch before, a bar/pub type thing, but it's not very good, just somthing I slapped together. I want this one to look decent.

I was debating between a house or recreating (loosely) the set from an obscure TV show that I used to watch (which actually had David Carradine in it for a few episodes, R.I.P), and decided the set would be easier. If I find my lost talent with this, I may try a house later.

I understand my scale won't be right, nor will be the location of the rooms in relation to each other, but I just want to see if I can do it and make it look presentable.

I can get a lot from the LEGO Pick-a-Brick tool on their website, but I am sure that I will have to go to Brick Link (which I have just signed up with and am a bit wary of) to get some pieces I won't find there. I bet it won't be cheap.

I'm still in the mapping stages anyway, and won't start buying something until I am happy with my plan, but I figure if I tell someone (even the few people that follow my blog), it will actually get done. I'll update as I progress.


Christopher Doyle said...

I've had really good luck with Bricklink over the years. The only trick I use is to make sure I review the feedback rating of the vendor before I buy- you can click through and see any negative or neutral comments and evaluate those vs. the positives before you decide to order. I try and stick to folks with 200+ feedback ratings with no recent n/n snafus.

Over time, you'll likely find BL has much better prices and selection than PaB on the majority of the parts you'll end up wanting.

Of course, YMMV...

Cat said...

Thanks for the tip. I don't usually shop from anyone online other than actual companies, so that's why I worry. But hey, I've used your Buy-Me-Mizer a few times and have always been happy.

Actually, I put in an order last weekend for minifigs that look like characters from the show, so I guess it makes sense to build them a set!