Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Step 2 Before Step 1.

This is me starting to get a feel for where everything will go on my little obscure TV show set replica.

I threw this together a couple of days ago, actually, before I started mapping things out on graph paper. I wouldn't have bothered with the graph paper step altogether, but I am debating between 1-stud-thick or 2-stud thick walls. 1 stud is good because it leaves more space in the rooms, but 2 studs allows me to have one single colour for the outside walls, and another for the inside, which is what I really want. I'm graphing it out so I can explore both options at the same time.
It's supposed to be an office building for a big international company. The top third is the main character's office, with a bedroom on the left, a sofa area in the middle, and a desk area on the right. When the characters aren't out fighting threats to their company, they're usually hanging out here discussing threats to their company.
There is a boardroom below the office, and although I have a rectangular (sort of!) table in the picure, I recalled that the table is supposed to be round, not solid, but more like a ring, so that may be a challenge. I'm hoping LEGO has a piece that can facilitate this, or else I'm going to have to improvise, and I don't really want to take up too much space with it. I still want to have 6 to 8 chairs around it though. I'll probably get some more minifigs that resemble some of the minor characters of the show later so I can fill up the room.
The bottom right corner is what was called the "Bunker" on the show, but it's the computer server room where another of the main characters had his office, and is another gathering place for everyone. It's a bit of a dark room with computer lights all over the walls, which might be hard to replicate, but I'll think of something.
When I said in my last post that I was recreating this set "loosely", I meant that I would be adding a room that wasn't really part of the show. I am going to put a chem lab beside the boardroom. Even if there wasn't a lab in the show, every major corporation that dabbles in a bit of everything needs a good R&D department, no? Probably will be the easiest room to make. White everything, some cupboards and a sink, maybe a little supply room, we'll see.
I have to also leave space for a lobby with a security desk, and a hallway, since a lot of stuff happened in hallways on the show.Also, the desk area in the main character's office and the Bunker are supposed to be sunken, so I am thinking that I will have to raise the floor for the whole rest of the set.
It sounds like a challenge to me, one with little artistic ability, but I think it will be fun and I'll love having it around when it's done.
P.S. 3 golden stars and my eternal esteem if you can guess the show.

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