Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bring this back, please!

I really long for the days where people would dress up just to leave their house, no matter where they were going.  I enjoy looking at People of Walmart because it makes me laugh, but I also cry a little inside when I see what some people decide is acceptable excursion attire.

While blog-browsing, I came upon one called Old Hollywood Glamour, which is all about a great love of mine, classic movies and their stars.  Going through it, I spotted these in a post about a John Galliano fashion show and instantly fell in love:

Here's the post they came from:
Old Hollywood Glamour - John Galliano Men's 2010 Paris F/W Fashion Show

While I TOTALLY do not agree with the corsets or the weird hair, I really do love a nice suit on a man.  Why can't we do this anymore?

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Lidian said...

Those are some fine suits! I suppose it depends on the guy, really. My guy impressed me no end, when I met him 25 years ago (and doesn't THAT make me sound ancient, but honestly, am not) because he owned his own dinner jacket (not, not, NOT tuxedo!) but - he's a non-suit-wearing academic type and that's where it's at, though he still looks excellent in a suit.

I gather that he thinks they are uncomfortable and no one else at work wears a suit. That's all I've got though - talk about an informal, very limited survey!