Monday, June 7, 2010

Monsters that don't get enough love.

I'm sure you're all aware of the huge fan base vampires are getting these days, whether you're trying to avoid it or not.  Even werewolves are getting some positive attention (and I'll be frank, I prefer those over vampires).

But what about the other monsters we share our planet with?  The ones that the teens and tweens pass over in their goal to get a more glamourous baddie? They deserve some love too!


Sure, he's just a giant iguana, and reptiles give most people the willies, but something about the power to smash a city block with one stomp could kinda get a girl hot under the collar, if she's into power, that is.  And really, what girl isn't?  And imagine the views if he let you sit on his head as he walks around!  Just hope you like Japan! 


Yeah, mummies DO get the Hollywood treatment once in a while, but they're always cast as the bad guy.  Why is that?  Maybe they're just looking for a girl to lend them an ear (figuratively).  A girl that's into history would love to sit and listen to all he had to say about what he's seen over the millenia.  I know I would, being into Ancient Egypt myself.  She would just have to learn how to decipher his muffled words through all those linen wrappings.


Like mummies, zombies always get a bad rep, but have you ever considered that they can't always be out looking for brains.  Maybe once in a while they need a good heart too.  Just because you're undead it doesn't mean those feelings just go away.  If you don't mind that not-so-fresh smell, a zombie could be for you.  Just remember that his feeding time should coincide with your "alone time" to avoid an untimely...breakup. I guess that would be a gentler word for it.

Swamp Creatures

I will admit that it's a little tough to find anything positive to say about a swamp creature.  Let's face it, he's stuck living in a swamp, he's had his DNA altered by some kind of radioactive goo, and that's just made him cranky all the time.  Most girls just won't put up with that for long.  Still, if you get on his good side, you won't have to worry about swamp crocodiles anymore!  Okay, this one was a stretch, but there's always a silver lining!  I just haven't found it yet.

Remember folks, it's rare that you'll find the man, woman, or vampire of your dreams.  Sometimes if you compromise and change your expectations,  you can find that special love of your life in places you never thought possible.  Dark, scary places.

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